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Calling all lovely ladies to the Colorado Super Show & Swap Meet!! We are excited to announce the 2024 Ladies in Leather Celebration, sponsored by All Things Bling & Iron Goddess Motorcycle Show. Please join us on Saturday at 11:00am as we celebrate female riders. This is a small stage walk near the beer garden where female riders get to introduce themselves and what they ride. Participation is free with admission, and the first 20 participants will receive a free gift.

Adults Only Minute to Win It Contests 


Ladies Contests

Twerk Pong – Twerk Pong is hilarious, competitive, and involves dancing. There is a box of ping pong balls attached to your waist, and the object is to get all of the ping pong balls out of the box by twerking. 

Lady Balls – Lady Balls is another fun game that will definitely create a few laughs. It involves placing two tennis balls in the bottom of nylon stockings, then tying the stockings around your waist. The object is to knock over as many cups on the floor in front of you by swinging your…balls. No hands allowed!

Balloon Erection – Want to see how fast you can create an erection? Well, we’ve got the game for you! This game involves sitting in a chair with a balloon attached to a balloon pump in between your legs. The object is to pump it as fast as you can so that the balloon fully inflates. The first one to bust wins.

Men's Contests

Righteous Beard – Calling all bearded men!! Think your beard is righteous? Well oil it up and flaunt it to the crowd. Loudest applause wins!

In The Hole - Who doesn't love a good laugh?!  This game will not disappoint. It involves attaching a ball to the bottom of a cup and tying the cup to your waste. Then you show off your best moves as you attempt to ring the ball in the cup...without using your hands.

Twerk Pong - This is just like the ladies contest, only man style!


The Minute to Win It contests will start at 4:30pm on the back stage, and go until they are finished.  Make sure to join us, and participate to win some fun prizes!

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Mechanical Bull 

Nothing says party like a mechanical bull, and this year's Super Show has it!! Don't' miss out on the fun for the whole family. 


Join us in the back room to test your riding  skills from 12pm - 4pm on Saturday.

Dave "Greywolf" Frisk

Born and raised in Denver, Dave has been a fixture in the Colorado music scene since the late '60s. He is a multitalented musician best known for his bluesy, soulful style and classic rock renditions. Performing in bars, colleges, nightclubs, and on concert stages since his teenage years, Dave began his music career with the 3-piece power trio, JAPETUS. From there he began performing with HEAVY HEAT, the legendary BEAU ALLEN (known in motorcycle circles as BEAU PACHECO), POINT BLANKSTERS, as a solo acoustic act, and most recently as DAVE FRISK and FRIENDS--sharing the stage with Denver's finest musicians. Always working. Always busy. Always honing the craft. 

Don’t miss your chance to see the legendary Dave Frisk show off his talents on the Front Stage on Sunday from 11:00am-3:00pm

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